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Supreme Modular is focused on delivering High Quality, Affordable Modular Homes to the Northern East Coast.  Supreme Modular’s management team has extensive experience in the industry and through that experience, we have developed efficient construction methods, processes and procedures that provides our customers with affordable, high-quality modular homes.  Supreme Modular provides the best overall value when comparing against similar construction quality and building systems.  Honestly, it is simple to cut corners and therefore reduce costs.  At Supreme Modular, we ensure a high quality home at low prices.  We offer the Supreme Price Promise that no other can match.  For more information on our specials and additional modular home pricing, please schedule an appointment with one of our highly qualified Sales Consultants.


When shopping for a new modular home builder, it is important to focus on both price and quality of construction and supporting services.  Supreme Modular offers the best Value in modular home construction today and that is really what most people desire. 


Supreme Modular spent countless hours working to find the perfect formula so we enlisted one of the best mathematical minds to help and here is what was discovered.

Modular Home Prices



V = Q + P       (Value = Quality + Price)

Value is the sum of quality and price.  According to Einstein, we must factor in both quality and price to achieve the best total value for our clients.

At Supreme Modular, we will meet or beet any price when matching apples to apples.  Doing this will ensure value for our clients and that is what we strive to provide.

It is easy to provide a low cost however more of a challenge to provide value to in modular home construction and that is exactly what Supreme Modular provides.


Modular Home Prices Offer Additional Savings Over Site-Built Homes

Modular homes today offer a price advantage over site-built homes.

For more information on modular home prices, please fill out quick contact form where you will be contacted by one of our highly qualified sales experts.
Purchasing a Supreme Modular home can bring additional benefits when it comes to modular home prices. As a leading modular home builder/dealer in New Jersey, our expertise in the modular housing industry gives us the ability to pass along  modular home price savings we achieve through modern construction methods, value engineering and volume purchases of building materials. Although some would call these savings economies of scale, we call it giving our homebuyers value.

Modular home prices can vary greatly depending on the layout and box count in your design.  For this reason, it is very important to find a qualified Modular Home builder / dealer who is able to design a cost effective home that may dramatically impact your modular home price.  Stop in to Supreme Modular today for a free consultation and learn how modular home construction can help you build a cost efficient, high quality home.

Supreme Modular has over 200 standard modular home floor plans available.  Customize one of our standard floor-plans or start with a completely new design by working with our modular home designer.  Click here for more details on working with our modular home designer.

Unlike site-built homes, which can take many months to complete, modular homes reduces build time and costs by over 35%. Quicker construction time means greater savings and faster completion times. The faster your home is built, the sooner you can enjoy it.

Supreme Modular has may finishing options available from assisting with (permit procurement, site preparation, modular home set, project planning, plumbing, electrical and finish carpentry.  For more information on our finishing support services, visit Modular Home Finishing Support page (coming soon).


New homes in the United States are produced in a variety of different ways. Conventional site built construction has historically predominated, but factory built homes or modular homes, have been rapidly becoming the preferred construction method.  Modular Homes are build to the same building code as traditional site-built homes however there are distinct advantages of Modular Homes.
  • Modular Homes are built inside, eliminating the uncontrollable variables that impact site built construction.
  • Modular Homes many times are built in one-third the time of conventional site built construction.
  • Since Modular Homes are built in less time than site-built homes, the costs are typically lower, sometimes by as much as 30%.
  • Modular Homes are naturally more efficient due to 2×6 exterior walls and various other construction methods used.

So, where can I find the best modular home prices in NJ, PA, DE and elsewhere?

We recommend that you interview meet with a knowledgeable modular home expert before you make your final decision.  Yes, this takes more time than just finding one contractor you like, but remember to keep the big picture in mind.  Spending a few extra hours up front to do your homework and due diligence can save you a ton of time and thousands of dollars throughout the course of your project.  So, don’t be so quick to begin your project.  Those who are sometimes find themselves in a less than ideal position several weeks into their project.

Supreme Modular will meet or beet any price for a Modular Home as long as the quality and specifications meet our standards and match our product.


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