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Save thousands on Modular Homes in Delaware

At Supreme Modular we allow our clients to save thousands of dollars in construction of their new modular homes through our unique and tested program.  We have designed a proven system that allows our clients to eliminate builder fees and act as their own GC (General Contractor).  Within our site you will find many plans to choose from or we can work together to design a custom modular home plan.

Please take some time to view our modular-floor plans, including, two-story, ranch, cape-cod, multifamily as well as custom designs.

Supreme Modular Homes Delaware is pleased to announce our new office in Newark Delaware and allowing closer support for the following counties:

New Castle Delaware

Kent County Delaware

Sussex County Delaware


What are homeowners in Delaware looking for in a Modular Home

Open floor layouts

Although popular in homebuilding today, more and more people in Delaware are actually looking for open floor layouts in their new modular homes. From big entertaining to small family get-togethers, open floor layouts provide ample space for both family and guests. With most gatherings, everything and everyone revolve around the kitchen – exactly where the focus should be. At Supreme Modular, we strive to provide a modular home design that fits the buyer’s lifestyle. Our designers start with a proof of concept, and from there will further tailor your final plan into your dream modular home. From open layouts with central kitchen plans to quaint distinct room arrangements, we can build it all.  


At Supreme Modular, when we talk efficiency, we break it down into home energy efficiency and lifestyle efficiency:

  1. Home Energy Efficiency – Buyers in Delaware today are looking for homes that offer savings in the form of energy efficiency; however, they do not wish to purchase items that may take 20 or more years to receive a return on an investment.  At Supreme Modular, we focus on the items that offer a much more attractive return. Take a look at Energy Star Construction: While it may be attractive to purchase a certified energy star home, buyers will find that it can also be very expensive. By focusing on the items in the energy certification list with the largest return on investment, we bring the cost down and manage to obtain a high level of efficiency for the least amount of time-money investment.  
  2. Lifestyle Efficiency – Many people in Delaware have active lifestyles and find that the less time spent that’s spent on home maintenance means you have more time for leisure and your personal life. Time with family and friends is important to Delaware homeowners, and Supreme Modular builds to accommodate the needs of our buyers.  At Supreme Modular, we want to ensure that we provide our buyers a low-maintenance home that will look spectacular and perform beautifully for many years to come.


Buyers in Delaware know that with open floor plans storage is very important for showcasing and maintaining the beauty of your home décor. At Supreme Modular, our designers make sure to provide you with the knowledge you need to design a home with ample storage. In addition, Supreme Modular will work to ensure that the storage space created is done with efficiency related to the home layout.  The goal of Supreme Modular is to maximize storage with limited disturbance to living space.


First-time buyers in Delaware are not only looking for the benefits of new home ownership but also want immediate character and charm. With Supreme Modular, we will design a home that offers both a unique style along with cozy comfort. From distressed wood flooring to crown molding and decorative exterior home dormers, the designers at Supreme Modular will help create a unique home that will last for years to come.  


Delaware homeowners today are looking to incorporate offerings in their homes which allow for continuously expanding technology. From whole house Ethernet wiring, monitored alarm systems, smart thermostats, and LED lighting, everything is possible with a Supreme Modular home. Supreme Modular will work to ensure you home is built with the latest technological advances and to allow adaptation and migration into current and future technology’s.



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