Modular construction going beyond housing and continues to evolve.

Modular construction going beyond housing and continues to evolve.

Modular construction is going beyond housing and into the commercial side of development. 

As construction costs continue to rise, more and more developers are turning to efficiencies in modular development for better control over project costs, schedules and quality.

Recently completed, 461 Dean Brooklyn, NY is the tallest modular structure, offering affordable, modern modular apartments to its residents.

“The success of completing 461 Dean in one of the densest urban environments in the US reaffirms that this technology can be replicated virtually anywhere,” said Adam Greene, vice president of residential development at Forest City Ratner.

Totaling 930 modules, the apartment building is fit together like large Legos, built in a factory and assembled one by one on site.  By construction the modular apartments in a factory and transporting to the site, the developer is able to build quicker while eliminating the need to large areas to store construction materials on site which makes modular construction ideal for congested urban areas.

“New York is ripe for this. You think about urban environments and the first thing you think about is congestion,” said Stacy Scopano, a senior strategist at Autodesk architectural software firm and a member of the National Institute of Building Sciences off-site construction council.

Roughly 80% of the units were completed in the facility, completed with cabinets, plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, etc.   Very little was remaining for completion at the job site.

By constructing the apartment structure using modular methods, the developer was able to save 20% in construction costs and save an additional 25% in building materials.  When you combine the savings of construction costs, building materials with the time savings, it is a very easy decision on using modular construction methods.

To learn more about modular construction and how you can save in both project costs and building materials for your project, contact Supreme Modular for a free consultation with one of our modular sales experts at

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