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Relationships are built by delivering on promises, and clearly communicating each phase of construction. We do not forget who are customers are. Building Modular homes and commercial buildings in NJ and PA is what Supreme Modular Homes of NJ does better than any other builder in the industry.  Additionally, all of our employees must adhere to strict quality assurance and customer satisfaction standards.

Modular buildings and homes are stick-built homes that are prefabricated according to rigorous quality control standards. Supreme Modular has been in the industry for over 10 years, and has plenty of experience to make sure your home is built right.

The team at Supreme Modular Homes of NJ is constantly searching for new ways to build high-quality homes and buildings based on innovative architectural designs.


Available Services using our Value Building System (TM)

Modular Home Company

Our talented team of architects and engineers, ensure that your project is properly designed and engineered.
Our closely monitored manufacturing facility has the highest quality control standards of the industry.
SQC Standards
Supreme Modular created and adheres to the strictest quality control standards in the industry. SQC ensures that our homes are delivered on schedule and on budget.
Our construction timelines are often 1/3 or less of traditional stick built homes. That means you will be enjoying your home, rather than waiting for it to be finished!

Green Modular NJ Construction

Supreme Modular custom-built homes come in just about any color imaginable, and our select homes are proudly Green Modular Construction, Green as in having been built using environmentally friendly methods and materials.

Supreme Modular kicked off their “Planet Friendly Homes” initiative with a companywide meeting to review what the Supreme Modular Family is doing to help keep the planet green, and recycling is at the heart of the effort.

We believe Supreme Modular Homes of NJ has some of the most aggressive recycling efforts in our industry. We recycle along every square inch of our plant floor as well as in each and every office here at Supreme Modular. Recycling is very much a part of the way we do business.

Supreme Modular has a full-time affiliated recycling coordinator to oversee the effort. The coordinator’s job is to ensure that the plant collects every possible piece of material that can be recycled. Materials gathered by Supreme Modular employees include aluminum, drywall, vinyl siding, wood, cardboard, wire, concrete, asphalt, plastics, and even paint containers, etc.

Recycling paint containers allows Supreme Modular to reduce the amount of waste that makes its way to landfills. Paint is purchased in 330-gallon recyclable plastic totes rather than in cans or barrels. The totes can easily be moved around the plant to areas where they are needed. When empty, the paint totes are gathered and shipped back to the paint vendor to be refilled and used again.


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